The Importance of Recycling Household Rubbish

importance of recycling

The amount of rubbish and materials we throw away is increasing by the year due to lifestyle changes and increasing population numbers. Recycling is a process that we as a nation take to turn our waste into new products and items. Many households and businesses recycle but we need to get more people involved into the recycling programme to increase the amount of rubbish that we recycle as we cannot continue to fill up landfill.

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5 Tips on helping out a hoarder

hoarder collection

Hoarding disorder also known as compulsive hoarding is when a person collects an excessive number of items and objects and stores them in a chaotic manner whether they have space for them or not. Compulsive hoarding can be seen as a significant problem if the clutter is interfering with the person’s daily life such as not being able to access rooms in the house i.e bedroom, kitchen. Also if the clutter is interfering with other members of the households daily life.

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New Website

brand new website

Bournemouth and Poole House Clearance is proud to launch its brand new website design made by local company BYBE. Our business is constantly growing and we believe that our new website will help us continue to grow! We hope you all like the website and if you do encounter any problems then please get in touch without our team.

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